What Some of Our Agents Say About Us

As an independent agent in Florida there are no shortage of carriers to work with so we are forced to find ways to distinguish them. Centauri does a great job of standing out. My agency and staff have really enjoyed working with them, the CSRs and managers are responsive and receptive to agent feedback. They have always excelled at making the agents feel like part of the family. The culture and vision of this company has been clear from the day we were appointed and we are thrilled to be a part of the family.
Kagen M. Cooksley , Co-founder
Regency Insurance Group
The value of the Lemon Mohler Agency franchise is directly tied to our relationships with our company partners. Since the beginning, Centauri has provided great agency support through technology, valuable product offerings and training with the help of the field Sales Representatives. The leadership team continues to listen to agency feedback to stay on the cutting edge of the market and these practices continue to lead to a profitable and very successful partnership.
Scott Lemon, Owner
Lemon Mohler Agency Brokers
Working with Centauri has been an incredibly positive experience for our agency. From the top down, the team members, staff and executives at Centauri always go above and beyond to help provide efficient solutions for our clients. Many carriers preach agency partnerships, but Centauri truly delivers from rate to claims and have truly become a partner for our shop.
Dan Feigenbaum, Vice President
Miami Insurance Brokers
When Centauri came to Mississippi in 2012, we were excited to have an Admitted standalone property market. There are not many of them around. Even then, you never know how well a new market will compete in a new marketplace.

While it has taken a little time to “perfect” rate structure, my experience with Centauri has been full of pleasant surprises.

Agency support through our Regional Sales and Product Managers has been outstanding. They are the immediate face of the Company. And they have kept us up to date on product and pricing changes, and assisted us with business placement. Their industry knowledge is second to none.

Centauri’s Underwriting and service staff have made doing business with Centauri as easy as possible. They are professional, responsive and happy to be of service.

When we got to know the Senior Management Team at Centauri, we found the reason for all of the above. They are a focused, energetic and open management team. They are working to make their Company better by expanding their products and market place, and improving their technology to make doing business with them more efficient.

We are pleased to represent Centauri and look forward to a long and profitable relationship.
David Wall, CIC, VP Client Services & Personal Insurance
SouthGroup Insurance and Financial Services Brokers