Key Strategy:
Diversified Reinsurance

Reinsurance placement is a critical component of Centauri Insurance’s financial stability. Our reinsurance program strategically spreads exposure among highly-rated, highly-capitalized reinsurers around the globe. Of these, all are rated A- (Excellent) or better by A.M. Best or A+ by Standard and Poor’s.

Centauri purchases reinsurance well beyond accepted minimums and under a structure that provides blanket, rather than finite, coverage. As a result, Centauri is able to limit the losses incurred for any one event, reducing the impact to our surplus for any single event.

This diversified, conservative approach ensures policyholders are always well protected.

Reinsurer A.M. Best Ratings
Market Location Capacity
Property Catastrophe XOL
Hawaii Quota Share
Catastrophe Excess of Loss
Property Per Risk
2015-2016 Catastrophe Reinsurers By A.M. Best Ratings

* International reinsurer rated AA- by S&P

2015-2016 Catastrophe Reinsurers By Geography
2015-2016 Catastrophe Reinsurance Participants as of 6/1/15