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Centauri AAC Meets in New Orleans to Address Mutual Goals, Enhancements
Members of the Centauri Agent Advisory Council (AAC) were joined March 1–2, 2016 in New Orleans, Louisiana by the company’s Underwriting Manager, John Eric Buffamoyer and Amy Conley, Director of Customer Service. As part of the AAC’s ongoing initiatives to enhance the agent and customer experience, the council identified ways to streamline the quote process, increase the number of online endorsements available to agencies and made recommendations for several new product enhancements.

On April 22, 2016, the fruits of the AAC’s labor became apparent as the long-awaited option for agencies to print the Centauri application prior to binding was made available. Also on this day, complementing the current policy download capabilities, commission download became available for all agencies who utilize this feature within their agency management system.

The council continues the hard work they started in 2013 and this team is dedicated and focused on helping every agent and their support staff maximize the opportunities with Centauri Insurance.

Do not hesitate to reach out to any member of our Agency Advisory Council with recommendations you have. For a complete list of the members and their contact information, visit

The next Agent Advisory Council meeting is scheduled for September 7– 8, 2016 in Mobile, Alabama.

Back row from left:
Garret Griffin, Brad Bourg, Felicia Cox, Andy Malone, Lora Rees, John Eric Buffamoyer, Amy Conley, Bill Bubrig, Mike Ely and John Meyer
Front row, kneeling:
Scott Lemon and Rick Espino.